According to cosmetic physician and founder of respected skin care brand, DRSQ Skincare, Dr Saba Qutub, between all of the different brands, products, daring promises, ingredient lists and you-cannot-live-without-this-product claims, skin care can be undeniably overwhelming.

“Skin care confusion is one of the leading reasons that people are locking themselves into skin care routines that simply do not work for them, or throwing their hands up in the air and ditching their products altogether,” Dr Qutub said.

“Even after we have invested in a skin care regime, pinpointing which products are actually working, or worse, not working, and therefore worth…

Australian consumers now have a new choice in their personal care products that promises to put profits towards a growing issue — domestic violence. The me-too foundation, an Aussie social enterprise, donates 100 percent of its profits to charities that support survivors of domestic violence in Australia. It is on a mission to convince consumers to change their current brand of hand wash, body wash, soap, hand cream and candles to me-too foundation’s high quality, Australian made products.

“The choice of brand has never been more important. Every purchasing decision we make has the capacity to make a difference in…

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. The world of social media is constantly evolving, and so too is its relationship with Family Courts around the country.

According to leading family lawyer, Fiona Reid, there has been a growing conversation on Australian soil about whether you can restrict your ex-partner’s power to post or discuss yourself or your children online, following a number of A-list celebrities’ ugly marriage breakdowns.

Fiona Reid is the founder of Reid Family Lawyers, one of Australia’s most respected family law firms with offices on the Northern Beaches and inner Sydney.

“Multiple Grammy Award winner, Adele, has made headlines…

The Doctor’s Kitchen Australia has announced its groundbreaking partnership with Youfoodz, and is set to bring its unique preventative doctor-endorsed program to patients across the country through medical centres servicing 99 percent of the Australian population. The Doctor’s Kitchen partners with Australian general practitioners to reduce the prevalence of obesity, and related chronic diseases in at-risk patients before they even become apparent.

“Our aim at The Doctor’s Kitchen is, and has always been, to revolutionise health and fat loss in Australia by providing structured, measurable, medically controlled and accessible programs utilising both expert medical intervention from trained general practitioners Australia…

Thinking of applying for a personal loan? There’s one important thing you need to do before you go any further — check your credit.

“No matter what stage of the process you’re at — whether you’re working out how much you can afford to borrow, comparing loans and lenders, gathering your documents, or you are literally just about to apply — you need to pause what you’re doing and take time to check your credit report,” Roland Bleyer said.

“Your credit report holds a wealth of information about you, detailing how you have dealt with credit in the past —…

How to pay down your Christmas credit card debt

At Christmas, there always seems to be some reason to spend: cocktails after work, new outfit for a party, all the gifts for family and friends, food and drinks for the big feast, and the trip away over New Year to recover from the excesses of Christmas. Unfortunately, a lot of Australians know all too well how easy it is to get carried away at that very merry time of year and are still paying for it over a month later.

“While we may have enjoyed ourselves last Christmas, chances are…

What is a lash serum, and do they really work? Natasha Creasy, founder of ‘AGENCY by Domminique’, creator of the world’s most popular lash serum, explains how and why they work

AGENCY by Domminique Lash Serum

“In our endless pursuit for thicker, longer lashes our lashes are poked and prodded with tints, extensions, mascaras and false lashes. However, the route less travelled is eyelash growth serums — maximising your natural lash,” Natasha Domminique Creasey said today.

Natasha Domminique Creasey is an Australian entrepreneur based in Sydney, New South Wales. She is the founder and owner of revolutionary beauty brand, AGENCY by Domminique, a company with…

With COVID pushing shoppers online all over the world, online spending has soared since March 2020. Australia Post announced in May this year that online shopping had increased by a whopping 80 percent during the pandemic.

According to Dee Anevska, the online environment is the new retail battleground where businesses will need to hone their skills, sharpen their tools and look for competitive advantages in order to win sales.

Deya (known affectionately as Dee) Anevska is the founder and CEO of My Offer, a tech startup that provides businesses, with online shopping facilities, with an innovative plug and play software…

Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Practically every budding fashion designer dreams about creating dresses that will be worn by movie stars and celebrities on red carpets all over the world. One Australian designer, Abby Kheir, made it her passion and life’s work, turning her dream into a reality.

Abby Kheir started her career in fashion as a young 21 year-old wanting to make her mark on the Sydney fashion scene. …

According to Dr Eddy Dona, while breast augmentations are the most common plastic surgery in Australia, people still do not know about all of their options.

Dr Dona is one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons specialising in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. He has decades of experience in the surgical profession and has built up a highly respected practice in Bella Vista Sydney which he founded in 2009.

“As a society, cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery have become less taboo to talk about. …

Shirl Orono

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