Atkinson Prakash Charan Highlights How to be a Positive Role Model for Today’s Youth

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The best role models maintain a high degree of personal responsibility, and when it comes to emulating certain behaviors, they engage in positive lifestyle choices. As a young philanthropist and entrepreneur, Atkinson Prakash Charan understands the importance of instilling certain values in impressionable young minds. Having established the Charan Foundation in 2016 to provide financial assistance to nurture a new generation in achieving their sporting goals, Atkinson Prakash is eager to set a positive example for the youth in his community. Atkinson Prakash is here to share some of his best tips, habits, and practices when it comes to leading by example.

Demonstrate Confidence and Leadership

Habits are tools that will help you achieve qualities inherent in a leader, such as kindness, emotional stability, health, and ambition. The best role models are not only self-motivated but have a consistent set of values they adhere to in various avenues of their life. The habits you develop over time will not only set a positive example for those around you but will make you a well-rounded and productive individual.

Looking After Your Physical and Mental Health

Atkinson Prakash Charan explains that one of the first habits you need to cultivate is a healthy relationship with your body and mind. The methods for taking control of your physical health vary immensely but revolve around nutrition, rest and exercise.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with food is crucial to setting a positive example for impressionable minds. Statistics speak for themselves: 89 percent of girls have dieted before the age of 17 and 45 percent of youth in grades three to six suffer from negative body image issues.

When you eat well, which consists of having a diet primarily made up of whole and plant-based food, and exercise regularly, your body will naturally maintain a healthier weight. Atkinson Prakash Charan explains that shifting the focus from weight loss to health and wellbeing, both mental and physical, is crucial to setting a positive example to younger generations. Explaining why you eat this way, or why you enjoy exercising, are great ways to construct a healthy relationship with weight and food.

In addition to physical health, maintaining a positive relationship with your mental health and emotions can set the tone for how others act and behave. Family and friends are fundamental to helping children develop a strong sense of resilience. By engaging in open communication and showing concern for their mental well being, they will feel comfortable seeking your assistance when problems arise.

Inspire Others to Be their Best

Atkinson Prakash Charan claims that there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition to challenge younger individuals to be a better version of themselves. Taking the time to develop long and short-term goals can help fuel motivation. Likewise, celebrating their accomplishments can help dismiss any feelings of negativity and self-doubt.

Providing children with the space to explore an activity, with positive re-enforcement, of course, can help them find their passion and understand the value of working hard.

Show Respect for Others

Lastly, always treat people with kindness. This one can be the most difficult tasks, as it requires us to look outside of ourselves and consider the circumstances of others, no matter the situation. Responding with kindness to an angry stranger, someone experiencing homelessness, or with your friends is something that they will not soon forget. People will remember how you made them feel, not necessarily what you said.

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