Atkinson Prakash Charan on Helping the Youth Be Leaders of Tomorrow

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Instilling positive values and qualities of a productive leader is an effective means to empower today’s youth. Atkinson Prakash Charan knows a thing or two about prepping young people to be the leaders of tomorrow. Revisiting his love for sports and reflecting on his own experience with soccer as a child, Atkinson Prakash Charan set up the Charan Foundation in 2016 to provide financial assistant to nurture a new generation of young talent. Through his experience as an entrepreneur, and through the founding of the Charan Foundation, Atkinson Prakash Charan is here to talk to us about building strong leaders in our youth.

Be an Active Listener

To teach leadership, you need to be a good leader, and this might require a quick refresh and crash course in the most successful habits and techniques you have developed to get to where you are. One of the first habits you need to inspire in others is listening and empathy.

Atkinson Prakash Charan explains that deep listening is being fully present in the moment with the person who is speaking, without judging or controlling the conversation. This type of listening builds a relationship of trust and respect, and encourages others to share information with you, which you will need to make good decisions. This leadership skill is one that also easily translates to being a good friend, teacher, or parent.

Do Not be Afraid of a Challenge

As you start working with youth leaders, it is important to always provide them with a challenge and encourage learning every step of the way. Exceptional leaders live and thrive in the arena of challenge. Atkinson Prakash Charan explains that challenge does not just help you grow and cultivate your skills, but also helps you develop a belief in yourself that you can achieve the goals you set. A major part of this equation is reminding youth that failure is a fundamental part of learning and growing, and that it is not something to be feared.

Develop a Positive Mindset

Excelling at anything requires time, effort, mistakes, failures, and a relentless determination to never give up. Atkinson Prakash Charan suggests encouraging youth leaders to embrace this mentality because it extends far beyond the confines of being a good leader, making you a good citizen and member of society as well.

Maintaining order and organisation is crucial to keeping your goals in front of you. Teaching youth to write down their goals and then re-write them forces them to think about their goals every day. Atkinson Prakash Charan explains that being able to set long-term objectives helps to create a pathway to success. It is important to note that goals can change, especially when you are young, but knowing what direction you are heading in is a great tactic for being a great leader.

Know That Failure is Just a Step Towards Success

Lastly, you want to encourage youth leaders to not be afraid of fear. So much of what entrepreneurs and successful CEOs do is trekking into unknown territory, and that isn’t easy. But in order to innovate, challenge the status quo, and build something new, we have to remember that fear is not a sign that we should stop. Fear is simply feeling uneasy about the unknown. In order to overcome it, we must learn and move forward.

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