Aussie mum helping to save Australia’s retail fashion industry

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Angela Skrinos, is one of the country’s most powerful fashion icons, yet one of the least known. Founder of Raglan Fashion Warehouse Sales, Australia’s leading group of warehouse sales outlets located in Melbourne, Angela has built the business up over 25 years to become the biggest seller of fashion and other retail stock in the country.

Every weekend across Melbourne, Angela’s warehouses sell off shipping containers of retail stock at wholesale prices to the general public. Products include women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and health and beauty items.

Angela’s warehouse sales have become incredibly popular and are considered by many in the industry as a key part of the industry sales cycle. By holding regular warehouse sales, Angela’s business supports retail brands to shift inventory, freeing up their shelf space and budgets to continually bring in new season stock for their customers. Millions of dollars worth of stock passes through Angela’s warehouses every year. In addition, Angela also manufactures her own children’s clothing brands, Candy Stripes, Ouch Clothing, and Cinnamon Girls, and distributes these Australia wide. Raglan Fashion Warehouse Sales has also amassed one of the country’s largest following of dedicated and loyal shoppers with people travelling from all over the country to visit her warehouse outlets. Raglan Fashion Warehouse Sales’ Facebook page has over 180,000 followers and Angela personally features in her business’ live advertisements to showcase products.

“Retail is a tough business for many brands in Australia at the moment,” Angela said.

“The arrival of Amazon and other global brands has really affected the industry and taken a huge bite out of our market. While it is great that consumers have more choice, the downside is that Australian businesses play a key role in contributing to our local economy and creating jobs. If we lose them, we lose out altogether.

“We need to do everything we can to support Australian businesses.”

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With internet shopping rising in Australia, and more and more shoppers choosing to buy online due to the convenience and ease of delivery, Angela has also moved to make warehouse sales more accessible to shoppers as well. Angela has launched Australia’s first ever online warehouse clearance business called Melbourne Secret Sales. Already experiencing extraordinary growth, the website is selling the business’ warehouse stock online at clearance prices direct to the public. Shoppers are now able to purchase stock online at warehouse prices without leaving the comfort of their own home. Melbourne Secret Sales’ Facebook page has attracted 60,000 followers and this number is climbing fast.

“It has been a huge operation to get our warehouse stock online, but it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done,” Angela added.

“At Melbourne Secret Sales, if you’re looking for children’s clothing, you won’t find anything over $20. We also offer free shipping for orders over $100,” Angela added.

“Stock is moving so quickly, and our shoppers love being able to purchase items at wholesale prices online and have them delivered to their door.

“For years shoppers have been travelling to Melbourne from all over Australia just to come and buy up at our warehouses. Now, they don’t have to go anywhere, they can buy our items online at the same ridiculously low prices and enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

“Our items include some of the best known brands at the most unbelievable prices.”

Retailers across the country are celebrating as well.

“Melbourne Secret Sales is a win win for retailers and for shoppers,” Angela added.

“We still offer our physical warehouse sales, but importantly, we also now offer an online warehouse. Hopefully, this will enable our business to reach more people across the country.

Angela Skrinos is the Managing Director of Candy Stripes Australia, Raglan Fashion Warehouse Sales and Melbourne Secret Sales. Angela was also named the AusMumpreneur 2019 Fashion Business Winner in September this year.


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