Australia’s only Doctor’s prescribed weight loss meal program announces landmark collaboration with Youfoodz

The Doctor’s Kitchen Australia has announced its groundbreaking partnership with Youfoodz, and is set to bring its unique preventative doctor-endorsed program to patients across the country through medical centres servicing 99 percent of the Australian population. The Doctor’s Kitchen partners with Australian general practitioners to reduce the prevalence of obesity, and related chronic diseases in at-risk patients before they even become apparent.

“Our aim at The Doctor’s Kitchen is, and has always been, to revolutionise health and fat loss in Australia by providing structured, measurable, medically controlled and accessible programs utilising both expert medical intervention from trained general practitioners Australia wide. Our partnership with Australia’s premier ready meal manufacturer, Youfoodz, is an exciting step for our program; we are now offering unrivalled food quality and distribution around the country,” Brisbane based general practitioner and the founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Dr Phillip Wuth said.

“This partnership brings exponential opportunities for us to have a positive influence on the health and lifestyle of people in a very unique and preventative way through general practitioners using The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal program, to deliver better health to all Australians. This collaboration means that people across the country will be able to now get access to this life changing program, to optimise and gain health, not just lose weight through their local doctor.

“The partnership will provide our patients with access to a range of specially developed ready-made Youfoodz meals that meet the nutritional, fat and content requirements of our program.”

According to Dr Wuth, as a young doctor after working in multiple hospitals around the state, armed with all of the information he had studied at university, he found that hospital medicine largely dealt with issues that had developed in people after years of poor lifestyle choices.

“As I treated more and more people at the end of a long course of largely preventable diseases, I was drawn to preventative medicine. I now have spent the last decade developing my practice around a preventative proactive model, rather than a reactive disease-based model. From this, The Doctor’s Kitchen was born; Australia’s only doctor prescribed weight loss meal program,” Dr Wuth explained.

Example of The Doctor’s Kitchen Youfoodz meal plan for one day

“While weight is an important health indicator, we don’t just want our patients to be lighter, we want them to be healthier for the rest of their life. We aim to change the conversation from ‘weight loss’ to ‘fat loss’ in order for patients to attain an optimal metabolic health.

“Here at The Doctor’s Kitchen we believe food is medicine. Our doctors combine our medical expertise with our passion to help patients reach optimal levels of good health and vitality. We would much rather prevent, improve and indeed reverse lifestyle related chronic diseases through lifestyle changes then increase the use of medication.”

According to Dr Wuth, The Doctor’s Kitchen has helped countless people drop their body fat and importantly, abdominal fat, while maintaining, if not increasing their lean muscle mass. Research suggests that just a five percent loss of body fat and abdominal fat has led to the improvement and often resolution of many chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome.

“At The Doctor’s Kitchen, we partner with Australian general practitioners to reduce the prevalence of obesity, and related chronic diseases, and aim to address these illnesses in at-risk patients before they even become apparent,” Dr Wuth emphasised.

“Our prescribing doctors set our patients up for success through the entire process, and provide individualised biometric measurements of key health indicators leading to personalised fat loss meal plans to help transform people’s long term lifestyle habits.

“With such a large patient base affected by obesity and excess weight, there is obviously a large market for intervention. Australians are expected to spend $641 million dollars on weight loss in this year alone.

“General practitioners play a fundamental role in the prevention and management of obesity and chronic disease with four in five people that present to doctors every day potentially benefiting from a degree of fat loss.

“The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal program addresses this issue, and now with our partnership with Youfoodz, our general practitioners can offer a tangible way to actively manage and monitor a patient’s health for lifestyle management.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Youfoodz, and proud of the direct, and positive impact we are having on everyday Australians and , the profound and long lasting influence that we are set to have on the landscape of health and lifestyles of Australians all over the country.”

Dr Wuth and his team believe the program is more important than ever given that statistics indicate as many as 67 percent of Australian adults are overweight or obese and the number of people living with obesity doubling in the last 10 years. Excess weight, especially obesity, continues to be a major risk factor for a number of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions, and some cancers.

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