Dr Saba Qutub explains why you should change your skincare regime to get younger looking skin

4 min readApr 8, 2021

According to cosmetic physician and founder of respected skin care brand, DRSQ Skincare, Dr Saba Qutub, between all of the different brands, products, daring promises, ingredient lists and you-cannot-live-without-this-product claims, skin care can be undeniably overwhelming.

“Skin care confusion is one of the leading reasons that people are locking themselves into skin care routines that simply do not work for them, or throwing their hands up in the air and ditching their products altogether,” Dr Qutub said.

“Even after we have invested in a skin care regime, pinpointing which products are actually working, or worse, not working, and therefore worth the price, is difficult. An individualised approach to skin care is crucial to finding the right products for your skin. While this may take a little extra time, it is worth it if you want to achieve your skin goals and maintain the results long term.

“There are some natural products on the market, which might not offer enough cosmeceutical benefit on your skin, and on the other hand, there might be some active skin care products with too many harsh chemicals. Finding a balanced routine that leaves you with beautifully radiant skin is possible.”

Dr Qutub has curated a list of the tell tale signs that your skin care regime isn’t working for you, and what you can do to fix it.

Dreaded breakouts

“Yes, breakouts do happen, however, if they are not clearing up after of few weeks of consistently following a new skin care routine, this means that the products are not right for you and it is time to change things up,” Dr Qutub said.

“If your cleanser is too gentle, or natural, your skin may have a build up of excess oil and sebum on the surface that isn’t being thoroughly removed. Whereas, if the cleanser is too strong it can strip your skin of it’s healthy, nourishing oils and cause dry patches, peeling, or an overdrive in oil production.”