Experiential retail concept to showcase Australian products to Chinese travellers

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Australian company, Reach China, is launching an innovative new experiential retail concept called a ‘Touch, Learn & Order’ TLO Store, that will be rolled out across Australia and China to provide Chinese travellers and consumers with the opportunity to experience Australian products first hand.

The new concept store is an extension of the highly successful BuyNatural online platform launched by Reach China earlier this year. The platform sells Australian natural and organic products to Chinese shoppers. The BuyNatural TLO Store concept will provide the opportunity for Chinese travellers coming to Australia to discover, try and experience new and interesting Australian products. They can then either purchase instore or online using an in-store WeChat O2O device that provides shipping direct to their homes in China.

The first of the new concept stores will be located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to target the newly announced cruise ship tourism market. The region has locked in cruise ship arrivals from November 2019 and recently saw its first ship arrive from Sydney with many new international travellers. The cruise ship market will bring tens of thousands of Chinese tourists keen to experience Australian products and produce.

The Queensland BuyNatural TLO store is the first of many new experiential concept stores to be rolled out in partnership with local governments across Australia and will join a network of TLO stores being launched in China in 2020. The stores will be stocked with a broad range of Australian natural and organic products that are sold via BuyNatural’s online platform and shoppers will be able to experience the brands in person by touching, trying, feeling, smelling, sampling and learning about the products.

“We are really excited about the launch of the BuyNatural TLO retail concept stores,” Reach China, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mathew McDougall, said today.

“The BuyNatural TLO retail solution provides a critical channel for Australian regional and emerging brands to showcase their products to Australian and overseas travellers.

“Chinese travellers are increasingly coming to Australia as independent travellers and are seeking uniquely Australian experiences. They are also Australia’s most profitable traveller, outspending any other nationality coming to our shores.

“The BuyNatural TLO offers a unique shipping experience that enables Chinese travellers to be exposed to new, high quality products developed by small to medium size businesses. We are helping Australian businesses to start their export journey and providing Chinese travellers to Australia with access to amazing products.”

Smart Australian brands are expected to use the BuyNatural TLOs to amplify their export activities in China.

“Our BuyNatural TLO stores enable Chinese shoppers to experience the products in person at no cost,” Dr McDougall added.

“Store formats provide sampling and testing opportunities so shoppers can engage with the Australian products, decide which ones they like, and then buy them on the spot. For Chinese shoppers, this means they can have the items shipped back to China with ease.

“This is a win win for Australian businesses keen to expose their products to Chinese shoppers eager to purchase Australian products.

“China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion people and their middle class is growing. They are also avid online shoppers and eager to purchase premium quality brands. They also seek out authentic Australian brands as our products are considered high quality, clean, green and produced in highly regulated environments. Our soils, air and water are seen as pure.

“BuyNatural TLO is the perfect way to showcase Australian products and support the shopping experience.”

About Reach China

Reach China was established by Dr. Mathew McDougall. It focuses on incubating quality Australian brands that have a desire to sell to Chinese consumers; both here in Australia as well as in their home country. Reach China uses a three step cross-border methodology to develop brands domestically, then includes cross border ecommerce (CBEC) platforms through to B2B distribution in China and other countries. Within Australia, it has a formed a strategic partnership with Pharmacy Alliance and its network of over 650 independently owned pharmacies across Australia for Slingshot and AmplifyX programs. Reach China offers a comprehensive range of solutions for brands looking to export into China and other countries:

- DaigouSales.com — assists brands to sell into China via a Daigou WeChat wholesale marketplace and provides specialised marketing programs to support the Daigou community.

- Slingshot — places emerging Australian brands on the shelves of retail pharmacies, and grocery and speciality stores across Australia

- Amplify X — enables Australian retailers to sell products to Chinese local customers who wish to have these goods shipped to addresses in China. Additionally, purchases are sent directly from the warehouse bypassing the retail shelf ensuring shelf stock is available for Australian consumers.

- Logistics as a Service (Laas) — an outsourced solution for brands looking to offer Chinese shipping and distribution for their own B2C sites.


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