From Karen customers to Influenced: Retailers need to be prepared for the twins ‘Olivia and Oliver’ customer

6 min readMay 20, 2022
Lyndall Spooner, founder and CEO, Fifth Dimension
Lyndall Spooner, founder and CEO of Fifth Dimension Consulting

Australian strategic research and consulting agency, Fifth Dimension, has released new research that shows ‘Karen’ customers deserve an apology.

“Our latest research shows that while ‘Karen’ customers earned a reputation for being uptight and demanding, they in fact have proved to be one of the more loyal customer groups — less likely to switch brands as long as they received the service and support they expected,” Fifth Dimension CEO, Lyndall Spooner said.

The research undertaken by Fifth Dimension during the first quarter of 2022 profiled consumer psychology and how that impacts brand choice and expectations of customer service. The results have identified the emergence of a new type of consumer called the ‘Influenced’ — or in 2022 name terms, ‘Olivia and Oliver’ customers.

Founded by Lyndall Spooner, a highly acclaimed expert in the field of strategy, research and customer experience (CX) with over 25 years of experience, Fifth Dimension Consulting is a respected and globally focused industry leading strategic research and consulting agency that has amassed a distinguished portfolio of well-known clients including: Westpac, Coles, HCF, Telstra, Foxtel, Colgate and the Commonwealth Bank.

“The O twins have grown up with a mobile device in their hand, communicate more by text than voice, rarely touch cash and have the broadest social networks that often include people they have never met and live overseas,” Spooner said.

“Olivia and Oliver don’t take the time or make the effort to fully research brands or products. They make decisions based on what comes up in their feed or what their favourite influencers are sprouting, and which ever brand can provide the easiest and fastest online buying process possible.

“Olivia and Oliver are also more likely to churn because they buy without a lot of commitment to brands. Often, when the product or service arrives, they find it isn’t what they really needed or wanted or they experience more problems as they don’t understand what they have bought. They will often switch or don’t come back because something else has grabbed their attention or been recommended to them. This…