Jenny Folley, leading business icon and founder of @WORKSPACES, calls on businesses to thank staff and stakeholders this year with killer Christmas gifts

Shirl Orono
5 min readNov 19, 2021
Jenny Folley, founder and CEO of @WORKSPACES

With lockdowns and restrictions easing across the world, business owners and managers are now turning their attention to the festive season and ways to thank staff and clients for their support and commitment throughout 2021.

According to Jenny Folley, it’s been a challenging year full of ups and downs and this year’s Christmas gifts need to be extra special.

Jenny Folley is the founder and managing director of Australian owned family-run @WORKSPACES, a world-leading premium brand of coworking and private offices. With locations across Australia, the Philippines and soon to be the US, the brand is highly respected across the business sector.

“This year, more than any other year, it is important to let everyone know how much you appreciate their hard work and incredible support,” Folley said.

“Run of the mill Christmas gifts are not going to do it. This year we need to come up with something really special.”

Folley believes that corporate gifts are a fantastic way to show loyal staff and customers how much they are valued and to enhance the relationship between them and the business.

Folley has put together her top tips on how to give killer Christmas gifts this year.

Put time into building a solid list

“Build a list of gift recipients that includes staff, customers and others that have helped your business to get through the year,” Folley said.

“Consult with others and ensure no one is missed. Look across your suppliers and business partners as well. It takes an ecosystem of people and businesses to achieve success in business and everyone has played a key role this year. Ensure your list is solid and that it includes everyone that needs to be recognised and thanked.”

Personalise gifts