World leading internet marketing guru and cofounder of AiiMS, Kynan Albassit, warns that businesses with poorly designed websites will be negatively impacted by Google’s latest changes

4 min readSep 27, 2021

Kynan Albassit is a highly respected internet marketing thought leader and he is warning businesses that when Google changes the way it does things, this usually impacts the world in a big way.

“Not too many people realise, but while we have all been dealing with COVID, Google has implemented one of the biggest changes to its search engine algorithm methodology in years — and the changes are going to affect a lot of people,” Albassit said.

Kynan Albassit is the founder and head of Australia’s leading digital marketing agency, the Australian Institute Of Internet Marketing Services, also known as the AiiMS Group. He is also an industry thought leader and an expert on all matters Google.

“Think about it — over 90 percent of people in Australia and across other parts of the world use Google to undertake everyday search activities and to navigate and support their use of the internet,” Albassit said.

“From consumers to businesses, Google is the biggest ‘must use’ tool in the world. If a business wants to reach new customers, it optimises its website to rank well ‘organically’ on Google. In fact, many businesses rely 100 percent on the arrival of traffic to their website from Google. If businesses spend money on advertising, many only advertise on Google; they don’t advertise anywhere else.”

“So imagine what would happen to all these businesses and their revenue, if changes are made by Google that penalise business owners for poor performing websites. The impact would be disastrous.”

“Well that is exactly what Google has done. It has introduced a new set of parameters to determine how well a website ranks based on page experience factors.”

Albassit states that page experience factors are a set of considerations called ‘core web vitals’ that determine how ‘website friendly’ a site actually is.

“In summary, Google is now judging websites on three new metrics including their speed to load and speed to respond to customer engagement,” Albassit added.