World’s leading breathing trainer, WELLO2, helping people across the world to reduce the impact and gain control of asthma

4 min readOct 21, 2021

Spring causes rise in asthma: breathing exercises to reduce the impact and gain control of asthma

With Spring well and truly underway, many people across the world are already starting to feel the effects of the new season as pollen and other tiny particles move through the air and trigger asthma and allergies.

According to Jonas Pilhage, Spring is a challenging time for many. Across countries such as Australia and New Zealand, asthma is prevalent. Up to 13 percent of people including children and adults suffer from asthma.

Jonas Pilhage is the regional director for WellO2 in Australia and New Zealand. WellO2 is an innovative breathing exercise device invented in Finland that strengthens and cleanses the lungs through counter pressure breathing and steam inhalation. The innovative double body structure of the device ensures even steam formation when in use and protects from exposure to hot water.

“As we move through Spring, asthma can become more problematic. To help reduce the impact of asthma symptoms we encourage people to engage in the simple act of breathing,” Pilhage said.

“A large body of research exists that shows people with asthma are able to reduce symptoms and improve lung function with breathing exercises and there are multiple practices that you can implement into your daily routine that may help to reduce your asthma symptoms and improve your general wellbeing.”

This is one of the reasons why Pilhage encourages people to undertake breathing exercises using steam and he has put together some tips on how breathing can help people living with asthma to gain better control and reduce the symptoms of asthma.

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